Donna Mulhearn

Donna Mulhearn is an Australian peace activist and writer who embarked on a personal pilgrimage in July 2002, which saw her living in a Buddhist nunnery in Tibet and later war-torn Baghdad. Donna was part of the human shield movement during the war in Iraq.

She later returned as a humanitarian aid worker to set up a shelter for street kids in Baghdad and assist homeless families. During this time she survived constant bombing, being kidnapped by fighters and shot at by American soldiers.

She is a former journalist and political adviser who is now an independent writer and speaker on non-violence, spirituality and politics.

Donna’s latest trip to the Middle East included time in Iraq and the West Bank of Palestine, where she spent four months as a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement. She is now doing talks around Australia, continues fundraising for projects in Iraq and is working on publishing her writings.


The road to Fallujah

ReportageAPRIL 2004 FALLUJAH: Driving through the empty streets of Fallujah, I felt the stench of death in the air. I could feel the terror of the families locked behind the closed doors. Already seven hundred dead. The graveyards were...

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