Desmond Manderson


Desmond Manderson is Director of the Centre for Law Arts and the Humanities at Australia National University College of Law and College of Arts & Social Sciences.

He is the author of several books including From Mr Sin to Mr Big: A history of Australian drug laws (Oxford University Press, 1993) and Kangaroo Courts and the Rule of Law: The legacy of modernism (Routledge, 2012). His most recent books focus on the intersection of art, law, and politics: Law and the Visual: Representations, Technologies and Critique (Toronto, 2018) and Danse Macabre: Temporalities of Law in the Visual Arts (Cambridge University Press, 2019).


Looking at the big picture

EssayTHEY WRITE MUSICALS about it in the US; swear by it in Canada; swear about it in Australia; and use as it as a weapon in Sri Lanka. Constitutions matter. But right now they seem troublingly fragile. Governments impose...

Groundhog Day

EssayFOR TEN YEARS I lived and worked in Canada. It's a funny feeling, coming home. After years of living overseas the ex-expat (to coin a phrase) notices not the things that have changed, like the cafés, but the things...

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