David Peetz


David Peetz is professor of employment relations at the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing at Griffith University, and a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the City University of New York. He is a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and author or editor of several books.


Debt in paradise

ReportageANNIE TRIED TO leave. She had no cash, just a car full of possessions. She’d worked full-time for four weeks with not a cent to show for it. ‘Wait on, you owe us $60.’ She couldn’t believe it. ‘Uh, no I don’t.’ The...

The choices we make

EssayBRISBANE, 15 JUNE, 2039: Chris shuffles into the homeless shelter. They’ve always been spartan places, but more so now than they ever were when she was a student and did some volunteer work here in 2014. Not that she has...

The gap between work and choices

EssayON THE GRASS outside an abattoir on the Western Plains of New South Wales, in the dark, cool air, a few workers are forming the late-night shift of a picket. Some journalists are hanging around, talking to them.It is...

Black gold and big girls’ toys

ReportageDRIVE ALONG THE Peak Downs Highway from Moranbah in Central Queensland to coastal Mackay, and you will almost certainly come across a train carrying highly prized cargo: lumps of hard, black gold. Each wagon carries at least $12,000 worth....

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