Charlotte Teek


A decade after being thrown out of Japan with just a string bag, writer and artist Charlotte Teek is now living out of a suitcase.

‘Lost in transit’ (Griffith REVIEW Edition 18) is an excerpt from her manuscript Box People, a novel inspired by 18 months in regional Japan and Abe Kobo’s 1973 surrealist classic The Boxman.

Having just spent two years governessing on a cattle station 500 kilometres north east of Alice (baby son Joseph in tow), she is currently working on The Desert Eye – part thriller, part psycho-drama, part romance.


Lost in transit

FictionIT'S ELEVEN O'CLOCK in the morning but the tunnels below Seoul Town Hall are deserted; window grilles closed over dusty lace tablecloths and bags and shoes. I stop at a bank of beaten up phones and call the Japanese...

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