Cameron Raynes


Cameron Raynes has worked as a barman, welfare officer, anthropologist, publisher and archivist. He was the Josephine Ulrick Literature Prize winner in 2008.

He has a PhD on the moral subtext of Aboriginal oral history but prefers to make things up.

His book on the illegal removal of Aboriginal children in South Australia, The Last Protector, was published by Wakefield Press in late 2008.


The colour of kerosene

FictionIT HAD FELT wrong from the moment he'd picked up the fare outside the hotel on Marine Terrace.‘Turn here,' the man said.They drove on, almost to the end of Rifle Range Road. ‘That's the one,' said the man, pointing...


FictionFOR THREE DAYS straight, Anna had stayed inside, limbs aching, senses dulled. She'd heard Tom come and go – mainly go. She lay on the bed, watching the fan slowly spin above her. The fever had gone. She felt...

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