Anne Coombs

Anne Coombs

Anne Coombs has been a journalist, author, social activist and philanthropist. She is the author of five books, including Sex and Anarchy: The life and death of the Sydney Push (Viking, 1996) and Broometime (Hodder Headline, 2001), co-authored with Susan Varga.

Anne was one of the founders of Rural Australians for Refugees, and is a past board member and chair of GetUp!. From 2004 to 2014, she was executive director of the Becher Foundation, a private foundation with particular interest in supporting refugees and asylum seekers, regional communities and indigenous education. She has recently completed a feature film script set in Australia’s far north.


The limits of ‘new power’

EssayIN THE PAST decade, using the internet to harness people’s passion and direct it in support of issues and causes has become an important part of civil society. And in that time the methods have evolved with the technology....

Time for an amnesty

EssayIN 2002, A young Russian mother still breastfeeding her baby was separated from the child and locked up in the Villawood detention centre. The image of a woman being taken from her infant and being put under threat of...

Scratch the Surface – Flower power

ReportageThe first sight from the air is a glint in the distance, a hill, an impression of water, a scattering of buildings. Then the plane banks and skims across a stretch of mangroves and an arc of river the...

How cyber-activism changed the world

ReportageI can't thank you enough for providing the tools I've always wanted for social change. With MoveOn, I feel like I have a voice in the world and an organisation fighting for the same things that are important to...

Re-thinking animals

EssayRecognising that animals have consciousness is a huge step for humans, and dangerous, too, as it might well undermine not only traditional thinking but our traditional means of survival – that is, what we eat.

Mobilising rural Australia

EssayOctober 2003Betty Dixon from Goulburn called this morning. She had some information about one of "her boys" in the Baxter detention centre, Ebrahim Sammaki, whose wife, Endong was killed in the Bali bombing. Ebrahim is to be allowed to...

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