Anna Maria Dell’oso

Anna Maria Dell’oso is a Sydney-based writer whose books include the award- winning Songs of The Suitcase (HarperCollins, 1999).


Local spirits

FictionDECEMBER NIGHTS IN the mountains of the Abruzzo are long. People get cabin-fever in these snow-bound high villages on the Adriatic coast of central Italy. By the winter solstice, it is not unusual for the locals to devise escapades...

Return of the rings

MemoirIN THE MID-2000s, my elderly parents died within eighteen months of each other. First Donato in his mid-eighties and then Lidia, who was younger by twelve years.We siblings were left with their wedding rings.None of us wanted to claim...

O Maker of Distances

ReportageA POEM FELL out of a folder marked Creative Writing that was handed to me by the co-ordinator of the Refugee Language Program. The author was a real poet,’ the co-ordinator, Lesley Carnus, said as she mused over the...

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