Anna Broinowski

BROINOWSKI, Anna (cropped)

Anna Broinowski is a Walkley Award-winning filmmaker and author who documents counter-cultural subjects. Her films include Aim High in Creation! (about North Korean cinema), Forbidden Lie$ (about hoax-author Norma Khouri) and Helen’s War (about nuclear campaigner Dr Helen Caldicott). She is the author of The Director is the Commander (2015) and Please Explain: The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Pauline Hanson (2017). 


The future is hackable

Non-fictionDeepfakes point to a future that is simultaneously euphoric and apocalyptic: philosophers have positioned them as ‘an epistemic threat to democracy’, journalists have called them ‘the place where truth goes to die’, futurists have portrayed them as the digital harbinger of a mass ‘reality apathy’ in which even video will be a lie.

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