The sleepers (from the Futures Museum)

resin, oils, human hair, camphor solution (potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride, water, ethanol, camphor), fishing wire

In this display the artist

has wrapped life-cast figures in a hand-

made net of fishing wire - Figures

painted with a one-hair brush and true

even to the number of their eyelashes, the blind

sheen of their nails - so much like life

they bring home the strangeness of things

being motionless.

Only the net,

its each thread soaked in camphor solution,

grows counterfeit ice, first as if by fraying,

by threads so fine as to be speculative -

each thread the colour of a needle-scratch

in glass - and they divide from each division

till like regret, which feeds on hunger, they

close in the effigies -

as if they would prove

by what trick of longing the blankest fact is

closed in dreams the way a new-hatched bird's

bluish flesh-clot pricks with feathers

each exact as fossil etchings, and it is the blood-

fist free in its device - Some force there is

will be consoled, will make these votives

of a stranger's loss. Of any stranger's loss.

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