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  • Published 20240507
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THERE ARE SMALL things that have changed since I was told I have cancer.

My mother, with whom I’m very close but in a non-­sentimental kind of way, has started to send me emojis in her text messages – something she’s never done before. She’s not an effusive, emoji-­using person, and I like and admire that about her. The expanding pink hearts at the end of her messages feel out of place. She has also started to text things like You have a beautiful smile in response to photos I’ve sent her – again, completely out of character, and worrying because to behave out of character means that something has happened to knock you out of yourself.

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Ceridwen Dovey

Ceridwen Dovey is the author of several books of fiction and non-fiction, including Only the Animals (2014), On JM Coetzee: Writers on Writers (2018)...

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In ConversationYou don’t ever want to go so off the rails that you encourage somebody to blow their life up thoughtlessly. It was always helpful to remind myself, ‘The most I can do is offer someone a useful suggestion that they will consider. They still have to make their own decisions based on how they want to live their lives.’ If you take yourself too seriously in that position, you feel like, my God, I’m responsible for the wellbeing of all of these strangers, what if I mess up?

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