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  • Published 20230207
  • ISBN: 978-1-922212-80-1
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WHENEVER I GO on tour as a psychic shaman oracle medium visionary prophet saint, there is one question that my fans unfailingly ask. And that is: Julie, how do I manifest the life of my dreams?

This is, of course, a question that requires a thorough response and usually there are so many poor souls in the room clamouring for my attention that it is impossible to sit down and expound fully on the answer. The energies in the room can be overwhelming because my appearances on tour involve channelling precious messages from loved ones who have crossed over, meaning that my fans are both alive and in spirit – twice the usual crowd.

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Julie Koh

Julie Koh is a globally renowned psychic shaman oracle medium visionary prophet saint and Forbergs World 1000 CEO. Enrol in her latest course on...

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