Glitter & gold

We need action

Not condolences

Far too long we marched, danced and died

Screamed, starved and cried, in hope someone notices

Paid in ration, killed off in orderly fashion, minimal compassion, all for you to caption ‘black lives matter’

Performative shit

I’m tryna see reform in this b*tch

For all the mothers that be mourning their kids

Take my word and then restore it in this

Open the prisons

Defund the police

Filter all the money so it’s back on the streets

Use that same coin for transition support

Then we take a small per cent and put our kids into sport

Help them build a rapport with the land and the lore

Give us space and time to heal from this spiritual war

I cannot be your teacher

I cannot ask for help

I only have these words for you to take for yourself

We are the original

With the lore of the land

Which in turn is the lore for every woman and man

So let me say it again as I’ve said it before

Dynasties end, the kingdoms will fall

Tides will turn & we’ll settle the score

But not with hate but with love

Not with envy but with passion

And reconciliation is just a word without action – reconciliation is an action

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