William Spalyng, who, for selling putrid beef…was put upon the pillory, and the carcasses were burnt beneath.
Arthur Griffiths, The Chronicles of Newgate


Justin R Haymaker, financial adviser,

shall be tied to a filing cabinet and forced

to consume Trippet’s Guide to Ethics

for Accounting Professionals, vols 1–7.

Pamela M Lombard, banking executive,

for charging fees upon the dead,

shall be exhumed before her time

and her head garlanded with worms.

An insurance company board member,

chosen at random, shall have both scruples

removed and brandished before a jeering crowd.

And three chief executive officers,

upon being invited to a penthouse, shall be

defenestrated by popular acclamation

and their remuneration packages sprinkled

with salt.

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