Writing the Country – Avid Reader

The natural environment is under threat. Seabirds consume plastic, glaciers in East Antarctica are melting, species’ habitats are disappearing (as are so many species themselves) and Australia’s greenhouse emissions continue to rise. As the potential for intervention appears to be tangled up in political and economic agendas, the need to renew our approach to our relationship with our world becomes more urgent.

Griffith Review 63: Writing the Country is a passionate and timely exploration of the connections between humans and the Earth. This edition maps the stories of our places; it charts the decline of their flora and fauna, and of our connection to the land, while also presenting stories of hope, adaptation and recovery. Drawing on a far-reaching set of perspectives to examine new ways of thinking, these stories analyse what’s at risk and what can be learnt.

Join editor Ashley Hay to launch Writing the Country and discuss the issues that matter most in this uncertain and unprecedented epoch – the Anthropocene – with contributors Claire G Coleman, Andrew Stafford and Amanda Niehaus.

When: 6 pm , 21 February 2019
Where: Avid Reader, West End
Tickets: Free (register here)