Science in the City: The New Disruptors

As the digital revolution keeps unleashing radical change on industries, economies, politics and institution – and on our lives.  What future will this disruption shape?  What upheavals are to come?  evolution is being driven by technological rather than biological forces: within a century, we may meet our first ‘non-biological offspring’. Is the brave new world of Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google and Uber one of decentralisation, anti-elitism and individual freedom – or surveillance, monopoly and control?

Join contributors Ellen Broad, Mark Pesce and Elise Bohan to discuss all this and more with Ashley Hay at Science in the City: The New Disruptors.

When: 5.30 pm, Tuesday 14 May 2019
Where: The Women’s Club, Level 4, 179 Elizabeth St, Sydney
Tickets: $22.50–30 (contact The Women’s Club directly)