Lightning Talk: The New Disruptors

Digital disruption is viewed with suspicion. We are better connected than ever but feel on edge. What are the ethical, moral and social consequences of our enmeshed online world? With tech revolutions rocking the foundations of society, how can we allay these fears?

Is the enjoyment in your life slipping away under a morass of Facebook notifications and Twitter mentions? Worried your personal information was compromised by Cambridge Analytica to swing an election? Do you enjoy memes but hate when they’re co-opted to sell products? And what are influencers anyway?

Join Griffith Review and Griffith Library at the latest Lightning Talk, featuring The New Disruptors contributors Ian Townsend and Margaret Gibson, as well as Griffith University academics Assoc Prof Ingrid Burkett and Dr Dinesh Palipana.

When: 12–1 pm, Thursday 23 May 2019
Where: The Collaboratory – Logan Library, Griffith University, Logan Campus
Tickets: FREE – no registration necessary