Yan Lianke

Yan Lianke was born in Song county, Henan province.He joined the People’s Liberation Army in 1978, and graduated from Henan University in 1985 and the People Liberation Army’s Art Academy in 1991.

He’s the author of eight novels, including Sensibilities,Years After YearsAs Hard as WaterPleasureServing PeopleDreams of Ding Village, ten novellas, five volumes of prose and discourse, and twelve volumes of Collection of Yan Lianke.

His works have been translated into more than ten languages and have received national and international awards including the 1st and 2nd Lu Xun Literature Prize, and 3rd Lao She Literature Prize.

In 2004, he quit the People’s Liberation Army and now, he is a professor at Renmin University in Beijing.


The Fever

FictionTHE DUSK SETTLES over a day in late autumn. The sun sets above the East Henan plain, a blood-red ball turning the earth and sky a deep shade of crimson. As red unfurls, slowly the dusk turns to evening....

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