Xavier Hennekinne


Xavier Hennekinne’s short stories and essays have been published in Australia and France, where he was born.

Xavier recently returned to Australia after having worked for an inter-governmental humanitarian organisation mainly in the Philippines, Haiti, South Sudan and Switzerland. He is just about to complete a second novel in English.



A voté

GR OnlineI voted Benoit Hamon. What can I say? I have always voted for the Parti Socialiste candidates at presidential and legislative elections, and at local elections when candidates were known to belong to the party. I’ll vote Macron in...

In the eye of the beholder

EssayI WOULD NOT call Pasay a slum. Calling or not calling Pasay City a slum would assume the ability to make a clear distinction between an overcrowded neighbourhood and a crowded one, between unacceptable housing and acceptable housing. I...

Chère Colette

MemoirAT IRREGULAR INTERVALS of between twenty and thirty years came great floods which were afterwards remembered as one remembers insurrections or wars and were long used as a date from which to reckon time, to calculate the ages of...

The new capital

FictionTHE FOLLOWING YEAR they went to Japan.In the night they landed at Kansai Airport, then took a train to Shin-Osaka. In the morning, after an early breakfast, they took the fast train to Okayama and then changed for an...

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