Tim Chandler


Tim Chandler grew up in Currumbin Valley in the south-eastern Queensland bioregion.

He studied Literature, Latin and Ecology at the University of Queensland and is currently studying critical theory at Monash University in Melbourne.

Tim has edited and written for several publications.


Border tales

EssayTHE ROAD TO the Queensland-New South Wales border turns through former dairy farms and tropical fruit plantations, many now abandoned and disappearing under a canopy of camphor laurel and regenerated rainforest: hoop pines, figs, quandongs, even young cedars press...

A brief reflection on the Cooktown orchid

GR OnlineThis essay inspired us to use the Cooktown orchid in the logo of the Griffith Review Emerging Writers' Prize. Tim Chandler describes the interplay between story, place and biota. He explores how stories, as much as setting, define the...

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