Tegan Bennett Daylight


Tegan Bennett Daylight is a writer, teacher and critic. Her latest books are the essay collection The Details: On Love, Death and Reading (Simon & Schuster, 2020) and the Stella Prize–shortlisted Six Bedrooms (Vintage, 2015). She teaches in the Creative Writing program at the University of Western Sydney.


Keeping faith with words

EssayFOR MOST OF us who care to think about such things, the teenager was invented by JD Salinger in 1951. Of course, before he was described in literature, the teenager was a naturally occurring phenomenon in postwar America. As...


FictionI HATED JUDY'S first boyfriend, as expected. He was oddly shaped, like a sweet potato. His clothes were exactly wrong. Judy had arranged for us to meet him at Circular Quay one Saturday morning, so that the three of...

‘I will not be doing it again’

Memoir I’VE BEEN TEACHING at Australian universities for twenty-five years now. I began when I was twenty-seven – I’m now fifty-two. This means I’ve been next to university students since 1996, and if you’re curious about these things, you see...

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