Sydney Smith

Sydney Smith is a past winner of The Age Short Story Competition and has published her short fiction in Australia and overseas.

She is the director of the Victorian Mentoring Service 
for Writers.


My mother, my monster

MemoirREALITY TV: A phenomenon whose lure I had resisted until late last year when, in my search for shows to write about for the TV guide, I came across Wife Swap USA. In fact, I was already curious about it...

Flame red

FictionDEAR LANCE,I am sitting on the back seat of the bus, heading for Melbourne. This morning, my father took me to the railway station and we waited in the shade of a stringybark tree for the bus to pull...

Scenes from life with father

MemoirPICTURE A WINTER'S evening in a kitchen in Wellington, New Zealand. An Antarctic wind stalks the house, rattling windows in its quest for a way in. I'm sitting at the table while my meal goes cold. My brothers bolted...

Occupying armies

MemoirI KNOW THREE stories about the Moriori, a long-ago people who survived, in tatters, a determined attempt to eradicate them. The first goes like this: at a time that nobody can remember a group of men, women and children...

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