Stuart Glover


Stuart Glover lectures in contemporary literary practices at the University of Queensland. He was the founding director of the Brisbane Writers Festival and the founding Chair of the Queensland Literary Awards. He has been published in many journals and periodicals.


Who do they think we are?

EssayEach Australian has both sexes, and if a child happens to be born with only one, they kill it as a monster… They average about eight feet in height… In some areas they are found with an extra pair...

Their body politics

EssayIN LATE SEPTEMBER 2015, Malcolm Turnbull made his first sporting appearance as Prime Minister at the Dally M Awards, the black-tie night for the working-class game. It should have been home turf. Turnbull is a long-time supporter of the...

Cities of money

EssaySYDNEY 2008: TO make it to the offices of a project team at Macquarie Capital in Sydney's Martin Place, you must pass a security desk and swipe through a couple of card checks. The security gives rise to expectations...

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