Stephen Downes

Stephen Downes is Australia’s longest-serving restaurant critic. A freelance journalist and writer, he is the restaurant reviewer for Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Australia’s biggest-selling daily newspaper.

Over almost three decades he has contributed regular reviews and columns to many of Australia’s most prestigious newspapers and magazines, including The Age, The Sunday Age, The Sunday Herald, The Australian Financial Review, and Gourmet Traveller. Advanced Australian Fare, his history of Australian restaurants and the development of Australian cooking, was named Oustanding Food Book of the Year at the 2003 Australian Food Media Awards.


A culinary adventure

EssayIn a Sydney restaurant in 1978, what was called a "maritime" salad exploded my notion of Australian restaurant fare. Strips of abalone, smoked trout, poached squid and butter beans on radicchio leaves made spokes of a wheel. At the...

Willy and Roy

ReportageROY PRESTON LOVED loved the smell. When the amplifier's valves warmed up: their filaments glowing orange, they gave off a sweet musty odour. He opened the cabinet doors just to inhale it. Who'd have thought gramophones could be so...

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