Sheila Ngoc Pham


Sheila Ngoc Pham is a writer, producer and radio maker. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation and casual lecturer in public health ethics at Macquarie University.



Good fences

ReportageRUBBERNECKING. THERE’S NO denying that was my intention as I huddled with the growing crowd behind the blue-and-white checkered tape, our smartphones at the ready. On the other side of the temporary barrier were dozens of emergency workers in high-vis...

Connected and Disconnected

e-bookWHEN GARETH EVANS visited Saigon on his way to London in 1968, it wasn’t exactly a common travel route, given Vietnam was in the midst of a raging civil war. The country had only just shaken off the yoke...

Conflicted feelings

GR OnlineCardboard boxes have long been closely involved with artists and art institutions, playing a supportive and mostly unremarkable function. They’re taken for granted as banal, domestic, practical. By elevating the quotidian box, Santiago makes the invisible not just visible, but deserving and significant.

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