Robert Hillman

Robert Hillman is the author of five books, including the award-winning autobiography, The Boy in the Green Suit (Scribe Publications) which won the 2005 Australian National Biography Award and was short-listed for the 2005 Queensland Premier’s Awards in the category of best non-fiction book.

His first novel, A Life of Days, appeared in 1988, and was followed by The Hour of Disguise (1990), Writing Sparrow Hill (1996), and The Deepest Part of the Lake (2001).

After many years of teaching in high schools and university, Robert Hillman now works as a full-time writer. He has three children and lives in Warburton, in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.


The ballad of Frank and Hazel

MemoirEARLY IN THE summer of 1978, I drove from St Kilda to my home town of Eildon in rural Victoria for the single purpose of saying hello to my father. I arrived in the early afternoon, gave my stepmother...

Beyond pity

EssayI FIRST MET Zarah Ghahramani on Tehran's Revolution Boulevard in June 2003, just down the road from the northern campus of the city's university. She was dressed in the tunic of all young urban women in the Islamic Republic...

The fire this time

MemoirTHE BUSHFIRE DEBRIS descends from the night sky with a strangely graceful motion, as if swimming. Leaves and twigs settle softly on the grass, on the flowering plants, on the divided planks of the veranda. A strip of bark...

White me

EssayIN THE COURSE of an average Australian lifetime, a white lifetime, face-to-face communication with Indigenous Australians might be fairly limited. In my own case, five fairly talkative decades have yielded only three brief conversations. The first was with a...

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