Rebecca Priestley


Rebecca Priestley is a senior lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington where she teaches history of science, science communication and creative science writing.

Her most recent book is Mad on Radium: New Zealand in the Atomic Age (Auckland University Press, 2012).

In August 2012 Rebecca sailed to the Kermadecs on the HMNZS Canterbury as part of a team of experts sponsored by Pew Environment Group.


Coming soon to a beach near you

Memoir IN THE ROOM with pictures of Antarctica on the walls the scientists sit around the table and talk about how fast the Antarctic ice sheets are going to melt as our planet warms. They talk about thinning ice, retreating...

Hitching a ride

EssayIN THE SUBTROPICAL Pacific Ocean, 160 kilometres southwest of Raoul Island, Lieutenant Tim Oscar stared out of the window of the ship's bridge. Behind him were the heaving grey seas the ship had been battling all night. Before him,...

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