Peter Meredith

Peter Meredith lives and writes in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

He has worked as a journalist in the UK, Africa and Australia.


My ten Cadillacs

MemoirWHEN I WAS nine, I won ten Cadillacs from my father in a bet. The deal was that I'd be able to claim my luxury American gas guzzlers when I was twenty-one. Until then, my father reserved the right...

The ugly cousin’s visit

MemoirWAS THIS WHEN it began? I was talking to my father on the phone. I was in Australia and he was in England. I was giving him some personal news when he suddenly broke in and said "Bye!" just...

Down-at-heel among the well-heeled

ReportageTHE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS of New South Wales is a rural region with a reputation for city-style affluence. Most visitors, and a significant number of its residents, see it as the happy hunting ground of the very rich and the...

To Paradise and beyond

ReportageWITH A SWEEP of his arm, Dave Murray shows where the proposed dam would straddle the valley. Starting at a distant hill in front of us, his pointing finger moves around to a ridge behind and above us.The thing...

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