Peter Ellingsen

Peter Ellingsen is a Melbourne psychoanalyst and writer.

He has co-authored a book, Cries Unheard (Common Ground, 2001) and written many articles on mental health and its links to language.

He is completing a PhD at Monash University on psychoanalysis in Australia.


China on my mind

MemoirCHINA SHINES. IT radiates possibility. If it were a fashion it would be the new black. My problem is that I remember the old darkness. At least I think I do. Memory is an unreliable companion. All I really...

What is seen and heard

Essay‘What are these blinks of an eyelid, against whichthe only defence is an eternal an inhuman wakefulness?Might not they be the cracks and chinks through whichanother voice, other voices, speak in our lives?By what right do we close our...

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