Paul D Williams


Dr Paul D Williams is a senior lecturer in politics and journalism at Griffith University’s School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science. He is a frequent media commentator on Australian federal and Queensland state politics, and has published widely in Australian scholarly journals. 


Enduring change

EssayPUBLIC INQUIRIES AND their subsequent reports suffer chequered histories in Australia. Some disappear with nary a trace, while others go on to effect real and lasting change. Why some inquiries succeed and others fail largely depends on the political context...

From soft drinks to soft politics

GR OnlineWHAT DOES IT say about a public’s appetite for change when even an iconic brand like Coca-Cola, with a sexy signature bottle and eighty years’ Australian patronage, suffers a rapid decline in custom? Is the company’s $140 million sales...

Material or post-material?

EssayTHE AMERICAN POLITICAL scientist Ronald Inglehart argues that ‘the basic value priorities of western publics' shift in affluent times ‘from giving top priority to physical sustenance and safety, toward heavier emphasis on belonging, self-expression and the quality of life'....

Grasping the audacity of risk

GR OnlinePOLITICS, ACCORDING TO one definition, is about reconciling conflict. That necessarily includes decision-makers confronting risk as they chase socio-economic solutions as well as the primary political goal: winning and holding high office. The core political problem for voters is...

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