Nigel Turvey

Nigel Turvey is an environmental scientist and professional forester with more than thirty-five years’ experience of research and management of tropical and subtropical forests and plantations.

Born and raised in London and educated in Northern Ireland, Nigel has been an environmental expeditionary, roaming Australia and Asia since graduating more than thirty-five years ago.

He is currently involved in ethical development of forest plantations and promoting employment of indigenous people in the expanding forest plantation industry.

His book Terania Creek: Rainforest Wars won Interactive Publications’ Creative Non-Fiction Award in 2006.


From big trees, more trees grow

ReportageThe womb-like basin of Terania Creek, with its narrow cervix of an entrance, faces south. In its moist embrace lies a rainforest little changed for more than forty-five million years. But in August 1979, war broke out over this...

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