Nigel Krauth

Nigel Krauth is Head of the Creative Writing program at Griffith University. He has written stories, plays, reviews and essays and has edited collections and judged national and state literary awards.

Nigel was educated at the universities of Newcastle and Queensland and the ANU, and has taught English at several universities, including the University of Papua New Guinea. His research interests lie in Australian Literature, Creative Writing, Children’s Literature and South Pacific Literatures.

His publications include four adult novels: Matilda, My Darling (co-winner of the Australian/Vogel Literary Award), The Bathing-Machine Called the Twentieth Century, JF Was Here (winner of the New South Wales State Literary Award), and Freedom Highway. With his wife Caron Krauth, he co-authored three novels for teenagers: Sin Can Can, Rack Off, Rachmaninoff and IThought You Kissed With Your Lips.


Ithaca: Home

EssayAT A YOUNG age I knew of Ithaca. Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia, the Classic Comics Mythology series and Kirk Douglas's Ulysses film (an early special-effects extravaganza) retold the story of Odysseus, blown from island to island around the Mediterranean,...

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