Murray Bail

Born in Adelaide in 1941, Murray Bail now lives in Sydney.

His fiction, which includes Eucalyptus (1998), The Drover’s Wife and Other Stories (1998), Holden’s Performance (2002) and Homesickness (2012), all published by Text, has won a number of major awards. His most recent novel is The Voyage (Text, 2014).


I n t e r e s t i n g

FictionNOT MANY PEOPLE like me. I have no friends. And I would like to know why. People begin friendly enough, at least not unfriendly, and nobody is rude to me, yet none have taken the next step, which is...

Do I know you?

FictionDELAGE HAD AN engineer's mentality, although he had no training or diploma in engineering, more an inventor's mentality, directed towards a single specific mechanism he had happened upon - the restless inventor attracts good fortune. He was a man...

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