Mungo MacCallum (December 1941–December 2020)

Mungo MacCallum was one of Australia’s longest-serving political commentators.

He wrote for Nation Review, the National Times, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Monthly, among many others. His autobiographical narrative of the Australian political scene – Mungo: the man who laughs – was reprinted four times. How To Be A Megalomaniac or, Advice to a Young Politician was published in 2002 and Political Anecdotes was published in 2003.

In December 2004, Duffy & Snellgrove published War and Pieces: John Howard’s last election, and  Black Inc. published Poll Dancing, his coverage of the 2007 election.


Fragile spoils of victory

ReportageAUSTRALIA HAS ALWAYS prided itself on its political stability, but after World War II the country quickly settled into an equilibrium that sometimes seemed dangerously close to rigidity.The Labor states of New South Wales and Tasmania stuck with Labor...

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