Mikaella Clements

CLEMENTS, Mikaella

Mikaella Clements is an Australian writer who lives in Berlin. Her first novel, The View Was Exhausting, was co-written with her wife, Onjuli Datta, and published in 2021; the duo’s second, Feast While You Can, is due out in late 2024. Her writing has also appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian, among others.


Where the wild things aren’t

Non-fictionMelbourne Zoo knows that it sits in an uneasy position as a conservationist advocate, still keeping animals in cages, and with an exploitative and cruel past. Our guides for the evening walked a practised line between acknowledging the zoo’s harmful history and championing its animal welfare programs, from the native endangered species they’re saving to their Marine Response Unit, a dedicated seaside taskforce just waiting for their sentimental action movie.

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