Mary-Rose MacColl

Brisbane-based author Mary-Rose MacColl graduated with a degree in journalism from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and was the University of Queensland’s first graduate in the Master of Arts in Creative Writing.

She has since published three novels, No Safe Place(1996), Angels in the Architecture (1999), and Killing Superman (2003); the unpublished manuscript of the contemporary thriller No Safe Place was runner-up in the 1995 Australian/Vogel Literary Award.

MacColl worked as a cadet journalist and an assistant nurse before moving into higher education as an administrator and corporate writer. Having turned to writing fiction full-time, she has also taught creative writing, feature journalism and publishing, and chaired the 1998 Brisbane Writer’s Festival.


The birth wars

EssayBEFORE CHLOROFORM WAS was discovered in the mid-nineteenth century, women had no relief in childbirth. They died during forceps and caesarean deliveries; they died from pain. The uptake of chloroform was slow through the later nineteenth century. At times...

The water of life

FictionHERE IS THE writer in this city of writers, this glittering dry mouth in the north where we can offer you beer, coffee and sauvignon blanc but no water. She reads her lines out loud and ranges over the...

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