Mark Pesce

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Mark Pesce is an inventor, author, educator, futurist and podcaster. He holds an honorary appointment in the Digital Cultures program at the University of Sydney.
His podcast The Next Billion Seconds won Best Technical or Scientific Podcast at the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards.


The impossible election

GR OnlineWeeks ago, unable to bear the strain, I withdrew from all American news, sticking my fingers in my ears and screaming like a six-year-old when Trump’s face popped up on my television. I reckoned that I had already done my part – a postal vote mailed to California in mid-September – and needed no additional agitation.

Narcissus triumphant

MemoirI LIKE TO look in mirrors, a predilection I suspect I share with many others – all of us too afraid to be caught out in our hidden vanities to admit it. It feels innate, the biology of my eye’s...

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