Mark McKenna

Associate Professor Mark McKenna’s research interests include Australian history, particularly political and cultural history and Aboriginal history. Over the last decade Associate Professor McKenna has published mainly in two areas – the history of Australian republicanism and monarchy and Aboriginal history.

His books include The Captive Republic: A History of Republicanism in Australia, 1788-1996 (Cambridge University Press, 1996), Looking for Blackfellas’ Point: an Australian History of Place (University of New South Wales Press, 2002), (with Wayne Hudson) Australian Republicanism: a Reader (Melbourne University Press, 2003) and This Country: a Reconciled Republic?(University of New South Wales Press, 2004).


A symbolic life

EssayGATJIL DJERRKURA LIVED the last decade of his life moving between two worlds – the world of Canberra politics and his distant homeland that looked out on the Arafura Sea. A senior elder of the Wangurri people of the...

Poetics of place

EssayNo society can make a perpetual constitution or even a perpetual law. The earth belongs always to the living generation.– Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, September 6, 1789 AUSTRALIANS LIVE UNDER a constitution that speaks only to the dead. Since its...

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