Mandy Beaumont


Mandy Beaumont was the 2012 Poet in Residence at the State Library of Queensland, a Research Masters student in Creative Writing at QUT, a Tutor in Poetry at Griffith University and the person behind the monthly SPOKEN events at the State Library of Queensland.


She plays as beautiful

PoetryBefore battle she brushes her hair /a hundred strokes and sour breath/ Unfolds a vintage blue teal dress from lady beetle tissue Throws two dice on a leather place mat looking for a set of sixesScents of collection /her...

Pack a suitcase

PoetryPack a suitcase and find me. I'm here in rooms strewn with small purses of coins and stale cigarettes that my lungs won't take in anymore. In here, I've found a small light out from my window that I've...

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