Lucas Grainger-Brown


Lucas Grainger-Brown is a writer specialising in creative non-fiction and historical subjects. His essay ‘We Three Hundred’ was awarded the 2018 Calibre Prize, and his work has been shortlisted for the Horne Prize and the Fair Australia Prize.

His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including Meanjin, Australian Book Review, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and Overland.


On the forging of identity 

Non-fictionThe night Sartre spoke in Paris can be seen as a hinge in time, the moment when modernity and its focus on individual identity came to the fore after the destruction of the old order. We are still living on the far side of the door Sartre pointed us through. Of course, modernity had a thousand authors. It was the product of billions of lives lived in close proximity. But Sartre, to me, best articulated a modern creed of what it means to be human.

Zamby, zombi, zombie

Essay ANGRY MEN GATHERED in the dark of night at Bois Caïman, the Alligator Woods, under the shadow of the mountain Morne Rouge in northern Saint-Domingue on 14 August 1791. Two hundred slaves transported by boat from Africa, forced by...

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