Klaus Neumann


Klaus Neumann is a researcher with the Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Research and Culture.

His most recent books include Historical Justice and Memory (University of Wisconsin Press, 2015; co-edited with Janna Thompson) and Across the Seas – Australia’s Response to Refugees: A History (Black Inc., 2015), winner of the 2016 CHASS Australia Prize.


Looking for Magda

GR OnlineIN 2017, MORE than one hundred books were published telling the stories of Australians from non-English speaking backgrounds. They bore titles like Becoming Australian: Two Home Countries (Inspiring Publishers),[i] The Man from South Sudan (Africa World Books)[ii] and Accomplished...

Strangers to the world

EssayCOMMENTING ON AUSTRALIA’S response to asylum seekers in the online version of Le Monde in July 2013, one reader remarked: ‘Ils sont étranges ces Australiens, étrangers au Monde’ (‘They are strange those Australians, strangers to the world’). Le Monde...

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