Jorge Sotirios


Jorge Sotirios was born in the shadow of Bradman Oval in the Southern Highlands of NSW and worked at his father’s Mittagong cafe when not obsessively following the St. George Dragons.

Since then he has travelled the globe as travel journalist covering the Arts, the Environment, Politics and Culture and has written for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Literary Review.

Part philosopher, part adventurer and always the clown, Sotirios has travelled to 30 countries working as a foreign correspondent.

Lonesome George Cést Moi! (Big Sky Publishing, 2012) is his first book and recounts his travels in South America during 2004-2005. A captivating story told with comic flair – romance, broken hearts and self exploration – told with wry humour while illuminating the beauty and culture of Argentina.


Lost city of the Amazon

ReportageIn every book I ever read Of travels on the Equator A plague mysterious and dread Imperils the narrator – Hillaire Belloc I DIDN'T KNOW quite what to expect of Santarem, but its waterfront emblazoned its unique history better than...

Cuba’s China syndrome

Essay‘VIVA RAUL! VIVA Cuba! Viva la Revolución!' I awoke abruptly, stumbled over bottles at my feet and leaned over the wrought-iron balcony. A group below had emerged from the Confucius Institute, accompanied by a marching band that hit all...

Who cares for Cohen?

EssayTHERE WAS A time when romance flourished at sea, when ships traversed the globe under clouds of steam, set free by champagne bottles smashed into glass shards. Men in boater hats and women in fine dresses sailed from one...

First physics, then metaphysics

GR OnlineTHE EARTHQUAKE THAT rocked the Mediterranean during the summer of 1999 was quick and devastating. Lasting thirty-seven seconds and measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale, the consequences were far-reaching. In north western Turkey an unofficial estimate of up to...

Europe’s Trojan horse

EssayHESIOD MIGHT HAVE written the script. The 2004 summer was Greece's last Golden Age. The Athens Olympics focused the world's attention on a small but thriving country in the Mediterranean. In no other nation could the Olympic flame be...

A good sport

GR OnlineIT'S ONE OF the most powerful images of the twentieth century: the Black Power salute at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. It's an evocative and resonant symbol, embodying defiance. The winner's podium for the 200 metre final displayed Tommie...

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