John Birmingham

birmingham, john

John Birmingham is the author of the cult classic He Died With a Felafel in His Hand, the award-winning history Leviathan, and the trilogy comprising Weapons of Choice: World War 2.1Designated Targets: World War 2.2 and Final Impact: World War 2.3. His latest novel is Without Warning. Between writing books he contributes to a wide range of newspapers and magazines on topics as diverse as biotechnology and national security. Before becoming a writer he began his working life as research officer with the Defence Department’s Office of Special Clearance and Records.


The Olden Days – Red light district

ReportageIt is all but impossible to traverse modern Brisbane and not have your sexual potency called to account. Billboards so big they have their own  postcode inquire, in a vaguely threatening way, whether you want LONGER LASTING SEX? Commercial...

What rough beast

EssayBEN BUCKLER IS one of those secret places you can find in any large city, a space within a space, with its own microclimate and way of life. Three streets on a headland at the north end of Bondi...

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