John Armstrong


John Armstrong has been a principal research fellow in the department of philosophy at the University of Melbourne, philosopher in residence at Melbourne Business School and a senior advisor to the university’s vice-chancellor. Since 2015 he has been global philosopher-in-chief at The School of Life. He is the author of many books, and translations of his works have appeared in more than twenty languages. His work has previously been published in Griffith Review 31 and 36.


The art of the salon

EssayWE TYPICALLY THINK of the grandest, most impressive parts of European culture in terms of physicality: castles, palaces, libraries, gardens, food, cafés, galleries, museums and monuments. These are the items we list on itineraries for a trip. However lovely these...

Merchants of light

Some ProvocationsI: The great question THE TERM 'RESEARCH' is central to the discussion of higher education. There are research rankings, research-focused universities, research-funding bodies, research institutes, research students and research degrees. The idea of undertaking research is crucial to the...

Reformation and renaissance

EssayONE EVENING I was getting into the crowded lift at my local tube station in Central London, to go down to the train. As the doors closed a middle-aged gentleman squeezed in. I recognised him as a fairly distinguished...

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