Joanna Mendelssohn is Associate Professor at the School of Art History and Art Education within the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales. She is actively involved in researching content for the Dictionary of Australian Artists Online.

Her latest book, Which School? Beyond public vs private(Pluto Press), is an exploration of the current debate on schools. In the book Mendelssohn argues that national priorities must be urgently reconsidered and she suggests an agenda for change beyond the orthodoxies of left and right to focus on children, training and teaching quality, extra curricula value, flexibility and accountability.

Pieces by Joanna Mendelssohn

Moving private
Edition 11: Getting Smart

All their families
Edition 10: Family Politics

The juror’s tale
Edition 17: Staying Alive

The story of George
Edition 22: MoneySexPower

Synergy and serendipity
Edition 23: Essentially Creative

Griffith Review