Jim Hearn

Jim Hearn is a researcher, writer and chef.

He had three short films screen on Eat Carpet before writing and directing a half-hour of television for SBS in early 2000.

Jim worked on the script for Chopper and an adaptation of Andrew McGahan’s novel Last Drinks.

He has also been employed as a script assessor for the NSWfto and holds a PhD in Cultural Studies from the
University of Technology, Sydney.

He is the author of High Season: a memoir of heroin and hospitality (Allen & Unwin 2012).


Shanghai Baby

FictionOn the surface of the globe, for living matter in general, energy is always in excess; the question is always posed in terms of extravagance. The choice is limited to how the wealth is to be squandered.Georges Bataille BASRA WAKES...

Hotel homeless

EssaySO I'M STANDING in front of a six-burner stove at the Winsome Hotel in Lismore. After leaving Rae's on Watego's as head chef and writing High Season: a memoir of heroin and hospitality (Allen & Unwin, 2012), as Chopper...

River Street

FictionWhat is not on the open street is false, derived, that is to say, literature.Henry MillerThere is always power in transgression.Jason Lee 1 I STAND NAKED in the bathroom and clutch at my arm above the elbow. I pump my fist...


MemoirI WAS FIFTEEN when I stood inside my first restaurant kitchen. My mother, who had replaced the red dirt of Mount Isa for the red lights of a different town, had organised this, my first full-time job. I had...

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