Jenny Sinclair

Jenny Sinclair

Jenny Sinclair is a Melbourne writer of fiction and nonfiction. Her books are Much Ado About Melbourne (Affirm Press, 2015) and A Walking Shadow (Arcade Publications, 2012). She is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, where she is writing about Australian historical fiction and completing a historical novel.




Don’t do it yourself

MemoirIT’S FUNNY TO think that a broken gearbox could lead to a physics student folding T-shirts in my lounge room, but that’s the internet for you. My addiction to outsourcing began when my car gave up the ghost in exactly...

Tamby East

FictionTHIS IS THE kind of place people leave. This town, Tamby East, sits a few kilometres off the North-West Highway. You’ve never been there, but once or twice you might have pulled off the freeway a few hours out of...

Baby steps

GR Online AT 10 ON a Tuesday morning on a busy street in Melbourne’s inner north, a young woman in black ankle boots and leggings is waiting for the tram, standing on the kerb and scribbling in a bound, hard-cover notebook....

Picking winners

MemoirYESTERDAY, AT THE races, someone I was making small talk with asked if I missed journalism. Two champagnes into the day, I was in an honest mood. ‘What I miss,' I said, ‘is getting published. I used to write...

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