Irris Makler


Irris Makler is a foreign correspondent based in Jerusalem and author of three books. Her latest is Just Add Love: Holocaust Survivors Share Their Stories and Recipes, available from Her essay ‘Ali Baba and the forty thieves’ was published in Griffith Review 1: Insecurity in the New World Order.


The kindness of strangers

Essay FOR ALL HER long life, Baba Schwartz baked two yeast cakes every Friday: one laced with chocolate and nuts, the other with poppyseeds and apricot jam. She was a stellar baker. Home – in Hungary, rural Victoria or Melbourne – was...

Ali Baba and the forty thieves

Essay'WATCH OUT – ALI Baba!' the taxi driver says as we pass the burnt-out Information Ministry in Baghdad. 'Ali Baba' is the evocative local slang for looters, and the ministry and the utterly destroyed shopping centre opposite are both...

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