Since leaving the US in 1999, Heather Taylor Johnson has found a home in Adelaide, where she earned a PhD in Creative Writing and lives with Dash, her three children – Guthrow, Sunny and Matilda – and their dog, Tom.

She is a poetry editor for Wet Ink magazine and the author of the poetry collection Exit Wounds.

Recently she has decided that she adores writing reviews, and has done so for Cordite, Mascara, Overland, Wet Ink and Independent Weekly.

Pieces by Heather Taylor Johnson

The subject beneath the object
Edition 58: Storied Lives – The Novella Project V

Sous chef
Edition 57: Perils of Populism

Edition 29: Prosper or Perish

Sophia Street ghost stories
Edition 37: Small World

Best little pub in Australia
Edition 37: Small World

Griffith Review