Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, with members of the D’harawal Traditional Descendants and Knowledge Holders Circle


Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews is a D’harawal man and Indigenous Studies scholar working at Western Sydney University and also affiliated with the University of Technology Sydney.

‘The colonial storytelling of good intent’ is part of a larger research project in collaboration with D’harawal PhD candidate Shannon Foster at the University of Technology Sydney, Aboriginal scholar Professor Bronwyn Carlson from Macquarie University, and the D’harawal Traditional Descendants and Knowledge Holders Circle, including (but not limited to) Aunty Frances Bodkin, Uncle John Foster, Uncle Gavin Andrews, Aunty Karen Adams and Uncle John Evans.


The colonial storytelling of good intent

EssayThere was once a time when all spoke the same language, no matter the skin, and so there was a great peace over the lands. To help keep this peace, great meetings were held when the three sisters in...

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