Donna McDonald


Donna McDonald is a Brisbane-based freelance writer and policy analyst.

As a policy analyst with experience in contemporary public policy development in the United Kingdom and Australia – at Federal, State and Local Government levels – Donna has contributed to new ways of thinking and improved ways of doing business in the cultural/creative industries, housing, disability, transport and health.


I hear with my eyes

MemoirI'M DEAF. MY being deaf seems to be significant to other people. "Why do you speak like that?" This question has recurred throughout my life: usually explosively from the mouths of small children unable to contain the excitement of...

The reluctant memoirist

GR OnlineShe leaned across the picnic hamper, reaching out for my hearing aid in my open-palmed hand. I leaned back, batting her hand away from mine. The glare of the summer sun blinded me and I struck empty air. She...

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